The Dragon Fort

Sometimes when you're an adult you just need to take a moment and cover your bed frame in lofty sheets to create a mini fort (only possibly neater than the wild ones from childhood made of upturned chairs and flung pillows). It's necessary. The human soul demands it. Forts are the key to contentedness. Or at least, that's how I felt when I arranged a couple of sheets around my bed the other day and plonked a small dragon plush in there. Dragons belong in bedroom forts. Trust me.

It has been pleasant lately. Aside from the endless dilemma I have any time I go outside, in which I find myself constantly taking my coat off and putting it back on because apparently my body is incapable of regulating a reasonably comfortable temperature, it's been nice. My mum gave me the two beautiful Halloween Pusheen toys you see above, and I now consider them my dear children. I shall teach them my personal perfect scrambled eggs recipe (I like to add a pinch of sage) and help them write their CVs (key skills: flapping wings, being angry).

I feel quite motivated recently to head towards goals. Not big things, but just having lists and plans in general to work towards particular things. Painting more with references, journaling outdoors, making a nice dinner (pasta counts, okay). Things like that. I just feel oddly focused on some kind of ambling, happy progression. Even with games I've been playing with this purposefulness - it's still a game, so it's still for fun, but just with a bit of a focus on achievements and finishing game sections and things. When I do something fun within this framework, it still feels like an accomplishment, so I get to feel like I've ticked something off a list when I watch an episode of a TV show I've been meaning to catch up on, or when I've listened to a new album. It might seem odd to treat your recreational activities as if they're work, but I find it gives me an extra sense of enjoyment and creates a nice structure too.

I guess that's me though, I've realised more and more that being organised is a big part of me and the way I operate best. And making myself a cute fort area, or a neat desk area, or surrounding myself with cute things in general - things like that definitely improve my mood and make me feel inspired.

After all, what's more encouraging than a dragon and a sticker collection?

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