Outfit: Cool Zips

Okay, so it's autumn, it's that strange part of the year where all possible outfits are either too cold or too hot or somehow both at once. At this point, seriously, let's just make pyjamas acceptable outerwear. Let's just do it. I want to see all business folks wearing their fuzzy dressing gowns as coats. We deserve such extravagant comfort in our lives.

Anyway, this confusing time has lead me to try vaguely to find the part of my brain that remembers what a light jacket is. It is buried behind one million kpop gifs and a haphazard pile of Stardew Valley strategy (because getting people to like you in that game is a complex and particular system that has probably pushed the last bit of algebra right out of my brain). I think I'm remembering, but it's hard to say just yet.

I dug this old H&M mini jacket out of my wardrobe. I remember buying this thing and being so in love with it back in... 2008 or so. Yeah, it's really almost ten years old now. I guess that makes it a remnant of late 00s/early 10s style. I was watching this old SHINee performance from 2010 the other day (a solid favourite - Onew's hairstyle is beautiful and good) and it awakened in me a very strange nostalgia for the fashions back then. We were all so innocently casual. There's a very particular kind of scruffiness that I like about that time. It was all full of light biker style jackets and coloured trousers. And a certain style of graphic tees. I was obsessed with aquamarine/electric blue at the time.

Back to this particular mini jacket, though (and yes, oh yes, mini/cropped jackets were a big thing back then). I saw it in H&M and I needed to have it. I think I left it on the rack initially and then could not stop thinking about it until I went back and got it. It was the perfect jacket. Fitted and cropped enough to make me feel that weird kind of comfort and confidence that only comes from a tight piece of clothing (do you know what I'm talking about? It's like a snugness and also an awareness of the shapes of your body? idk), and it had COOL ZIPS. And cool lapels. It was just the best possible, coolest possible item of clothing for 17 year old me at the end of the 00s.

I rediscovered it after leaving it at a relative's house for a few years, and I think it fits really well into outfits now too. I feel like I need to ride a miniature motorbike off into the distance while wearing it. The other things I'm wearing are just a basic black tube skirt (also from H&M) and an earthy brown thermal top (source unknown).

Also, here's a gif of me trying to take pictures of myself:


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