Collages & Colours

Sometimes there's no better feeling than tearing up magazine pages, ripping their glossy, shiny print into fuzzy white pulp - or letting scissor blades gently slice around a shape. Snip snip. I had the overwhelming urge to make some collages recently, and I happened to find a Glamour magazine on the train. The timing seemed right.

I love the strange little intimacies you can find in fashion editorials and adverts - soft gestures, hanging pieces of hair, a model's gaze into the distance, sunlight painting golden streaks across hands and faces. And materials too - shiny gems, frayed edges, things tucked into other things. It's endless tactility.

Collaging feels a bit like cooking. Things bubble to the surface. Textures shift and intertwine. Everything is pulled apart and messy, colours bleeding into each other and lines crashing together.

But paint's not quite as tasty as a good soup.

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