Soot Sprites & Other Cute Things: A Wishlist ♡。゚☆

Sometimes you just need cute things in your life, and you can't stop looking at them and dreaming about them, so this blog post is going to serve as a mini catalogue for some of the things I've found recently of the utmost cuteness. These are the things that have captured my heart recently. I hope they'll capture your heart too.

/// prices are provided in varying currencies because I couldn't find how to switch to GBP for that one website (I'm smart and tech-savvy!) ///

Kiiroitori Chick Mini Plush Case Keychain - Artbox - £5.99

First up is this adorable little keychain pouch in the shape of Kiiroitori (Rilakkuma's hard-working bird friend). A note for anyone struggling to pronounce 'Kiiroitori' - you can just call him 'yellow bird' as that's what his name means (kiiroi = yellow, tori = bird). He's so cute. I love him.

"A Dangerous Journey" Moomin Journal - Waterstones - £9.99

I found this beautiful Moomin journal on the Waterstones site. It's strange seeing them become more and more of a gift shop, but it works well and they stock a lot of really pretty and cute things. Of course, it's pretty hard to resist a Moomin. Although, I do wish there was more merchandise focused on Stinky. Stinky is the best.

Boooooks T-Shirt - - $23.99

This is a nice and simple t-shirt design that is perfect for book lovers around Halloween. I love spooky things and books (especially spooky books) so it's perfect for me. I'm reading Lovecraft at the moment, but I guess this t-shirt would have a different feel if it was Cthulhu reading the book and wearing glasses. I would love that, though.

Happy Soot Sprites T-Shirt - - $23.99

On the same site as the book-loving ghost I found this possibly even cuter design, featuring the soot sprites from Spirited Away (I've actually been meaning to re-watch this movie for a while). The playful magic of the soot sprites is captured perfectly here.

Korilakkuma Hearts Multi-Purpose Plastic Clips - Artbox - £5.99

Next are these lovely Korilakkima clips, each with a little heart of their own. Ideal if you want to add a little love to your stationery box. I would probably clip this onto everything.

And now, let's end this wishlist with some cute skirts (my ultimate weakness).

Hidden Pocket Detail Pleated Checkered Skirt - - £11.03

I have been looking for longer skirts like this with check or stripe patterns for a while. I just love them because they look quite casual but also have this classic feel to them. I love longer skirts like this, but the combination of my short stature and mild fear of getting a flowing skirt caught in an escalator has thus far assured that I am not fully diving into this world just yet. I love this one, though. I mean, it has pockets!

Laser Cut Scallop Hem Textured Skirt - - £7.09

I've been noticing skirts with scalloped and laser cut hem details like this for a while now, and I really like them. The details here are really nice, and I love the pink colour too.

Scallop Hem Pearl Beading Skirt - - £7.09

This is a more outlandish scalloped skirt style, with pearl style beads all over it. I really love this simple, yet elegant detail. Just glue pearls to my whole body. Do it.


*deep breath* Alright, that's it for now. I had to stop myself before we had ten pages of scalloped skirts, but I hope you enjoyed this list of recently coveted items. I love doing wishlists every so often, because it seems I am addicted to browsing and I have to have some kind of safe outlet for that, lest I explode.

Please let me know in the comments what you liked from this list, and maybe what stuff you've seen recently that had hearts in your eyes and frowns in your wallet.