Sometimes... I Wear Things: 4 Outfits

Do you like outfits? I do. I sometimes wear them.

When I started blogging I wanted in part to document THE CLOTHES. And obviously, pony magazines, but of course that's just a given. Me setting up blogspot is a hazy and almost empty memory now, but I do remember being influenced by the fashion blogs (especially those that didn't feel editorial, but more casual and diary-like, which was more or less the standard for blogs back in 2011/2012).

For a while I did "Fitting Room Focus" posts where I went into fitting rooms, tried on stuff, and commented on it (you can use the search bar to delve into this old world if you wish). I loved doing those posts, but there is a different kind of comfortable ease when you're taking outfit shots in your own home rather than in a shopping centre where you've crammed approx. one million crop tops into a small space. So finally I am here again with an outfit compilation. I've been really enjoying taking outfit pictures, I think because I know it's working towards a way of documenting a particular aspect of time (and apparently that is my passion).

Let's go through each outfit then.

Above left: stripy kids top from a mysterious Amazon seller, trusty old skater skirt, and some tights with glitter stripes running down them.

Above right: ribbed grey top from Zaful (complimentary as part of a previous review post), basic tube skirt from H&M, long daisy necklace from Accessorize, gormless look model's own.

Above left: floral dress from River Island (RRP was about £25-30 but I got it for £8 after hunting it down on eBay like a big fashion vulture), brand new and very exciting pink velvet pleated skirt from Tesco, £8.

Above right: a very fearsome dragon from Jellycat (their cuddly toys are so soft, I really love them), stripy crop top from H&M, grey leggings were from a market for £3, and the necklace was a mysterious gift. Don't ask why I only animated this outfit (it's because I didn't think of doing it until I was editing this outfit).

★ヽ(。• Ξ΅ •。)

So that's four recent outfits. It's pretty fun to see what I was wearing across a section of time, so I'll try to keep taking outfit photos and I'm thinking about maybe getting a new mini bag or two in different colours for [gasp] bag accessorising. Actually, I really want to grab this pink ita bag I've seen everywhere lately:

It's so cute. And I could fill the heart-shaped window with pictures of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, or perhaps just some nice dogs. That's the dream.

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