Confused Eyebrow

I have done some paintings. Here they are. Please stop crying.

I wasn't able to scan the delicate, watery orange tones well, so you'll just have to imagine a nice gradient that COULD be there. Regardless, it was nice to mess around with paint after a while of not painting. I like how it encourages me to mess around with composition a bit more.

Some of these paintings were made on (slightly waxy) tissue paper, and some were on printer paper. Two slightly challenging things to paint on, but I love to get #REKT by art materials.

This one (above) was one of the strangest. It was all a bit of an accident, but I feel there is something mildly cursed about this image. What is going on? Why does the person's arm look like the bunny's single very confused eyebrow? What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

And then of course we have a cat pondering its own astounding beauty. Normal.

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