Puzzle Bobble: Please Protect My Dinosaur Son

I made some Puzzle Bobble gifs, so I am now obliged to make a blog post about the delightful dinosaur/bubble-themed game itself.

I was introduced to this series via Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition for the PS1 (the western re-titling of Puzzle Bobble 2) and I was immediately hooked thanks to an incredible soundtrack (by Taito's in-house sound team, Zuntata) and addictive arcade gameplay. I never managed to complete the game, but I did play a million times, mostly trying to beat my time trial high scores.

I'm still haunted by the sound of Bub's cries.

The original game (these gifs are from the Game Boy version of Puzzle Bobble) is much like Bust-A-Move 2. Much like Tetris, this cutesy dino bubble-popping game nailed its gameplay the first time round and never needed much in the way of enhancements (although they really did perfect it with the sequel). I have a huge fondness for this game, alongside Net Yaroze game Super Bub - essentially the same game but you get to be a dog and stuff. Super Bub excels in sound effects and I can hear the weird pig noise now in my head. However, it doesn't have this little leaping dinosaur who I feel personally responsible for.

I will pop bubbles for him until I die.

I recommend listening to Jonathan Richman's 'I'm a Little Dinosaur' to enhance your Puzzle Bobble experience.

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