Nostalgic Longing & Happy Synth Pop Playlist

I have this strange invigorated feeling again. Maybe I should take pictures every day and just share some thoughts. I don't know. I feel like recording something mundane and personal and perhaps lengthy again. I've been reading Eline's blog (perma pupa) a little bit again today, for the sake of reminiscence (and because I love her a lot) and seeing it for just a second instantly brings that inspired and nostalgic feeling. A feeling that makes me just want to type a stream of consciousness and see some kind of special magic in the most normal and everyday things. Colours and wind and comfy clothes. I don't know how to describe what precisely that is, but I love it so much.

I also discovered a Tumblr blog which posts gifs from weird old Playstation games (asobi-station) and that gives me a comparable feeling too. There is just something about that era of 3D modelling. Those polygons. Everyone talks about how ugly the graphics are in Final Fantasy VII these days, but I still love them. I love their blocky hands and weird shapes so much.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures.

Do you ever put your hair in a bun and have this happen? An escaping waterfall of hair? It's an art form, truly. Once again my hair tries its hardest to escape from the terrors of my scalp. Nice try hair, but you are my prisoner forever.

Here's some of my diary, ft. a big dog and a big scribble (the two things that express my personality most, really). I'm using a pink pen because I'm exciting and cool. Also, here's that playlist that you can see, in full:


The Human League - Love Action (I Believe in Love)
Florrie - Real Love
Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
Thomas Dolby -Hyperactive!
Perfume - Spending All My Time
Red Velvet - Red Flavor

It's meant to be a very happy, peppy playlist, so that you can listen to it and feel like a puppy who has just been stroked a lot. Warning: a puppy that listens to The Human League may overheat from blissful synthy exhaustion. Combine such volatile elements with caution.

Here's a picture of my desk/bookshelf combo space, because I find it interesting how this space in particular is always changing bit by bit. This is it at a relatively messy stage. There are several empty packets of Space Raiders in the bin (nutritious!). The "Where's The Word" book on the bottom shelf is a big book of wordsearches. It was printed in the USSR and includes a wordsearch about Morris Dancing. I love culture.

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