Hair Doesn't Matter, Actually

Hold onto your hats because this is a bloggen poste about hair (or as I like to call it, the tendrils of evil).

I have just cut in a fringe for the first time in ages, and I'm not entirely sure, but I feel like my forehead is sweating more. That's strike number one. The thing is, I get antsy about my hair if it's been mostly the same for a long enough time. This is a normal experience, but I also feel that it is ridiculous. Hair is simply the floppy nonsense that grows from our scalps, and it doesn't need to be anything else. It doesn't need to be good or neat or SHINY LIKE A CHROME KETTLE. It doesn't even need to be there at all, and I tie it up probably most of the time because I get hot quickly so I like it to not be touching me.

Sometimes I actually think about my hair and what it looks like, and this thing I've heard about called "style" (no idea, sorry). That's generally my first mistake. See, thinking about it leads to questioning, worrying, and ceaselessly bullying your hair. You should think of your hair as a small child that you have to be nice to most of the time, even when it is getting its dinner everywhere and drooling. That's just how hair is and you've got to try and make it comfortable whilst accepting its confusing ways.

Cutting my hair this time made me immediately decide I am never going to cut in a fringe again, and that I probably want to grow it out (for sweaty forehead reasons and easy hair-tying reasons, but also because whenever I cut my hair to stop it being limp and lank I immediately realise it's actually fine and okay for it to be that way). It also made me think, despite the fact that I sort of, kinda, maybe regret it, that it's fine. It was fine before and it's fine now.

I am once again "mushroom head" as my science teacher enjoyed calling me once upon a time (because the fringe juts forward with a certain mushroom-y buoyancy that we can all enjoy), and in some months I won't be, and either way it's fine. I have the same face whatever I do to my hair. The big plus now is that my bag straps won't catch my hair. Take that, evil bag straps!

Also, you may notice I'm wearing a delightful new Mickey Mouse nightdress. I'm really fashionable and cool that way.

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