Small Things

Most of us probably get caught up in whatever we're doing a lot of the time, and it's good to have a focus and some kind of routine, but I always think it's important to take a step back and try to be mindful of all the small things around us which are a part of our lives and a huge influence on our happiness. So this is a post about some small things, some nice little moments.

I always notice making little drawings and paintings and sitting in some morning sunlight to absent-mindedly draw something is a big thing I do to relax and take a breather. Actually, often the same things that I do for projects and plan tasks around I also use to relax with. I guess that's one reason I enjoy being quite introspective, because that kind of switch happens a lot. I don't use particular things to wind down with as much as I do very similar things but switch my mindset to one where I can do fun creative stuff without taking it too seriously or working towards a particular goal.

There's a big overlap between doing stuff purely for fun and doing the same stuff with more of a structured goal and work ethic. This is extra nice, because I get to mix and match things that I made less seriously with other, more considered projects and ideas. It's all a fun jumble that allows me (and reminds me) to relax and enjoy myself.

Here is a tiny, silent video of some nice small moments from recently:

Don't forget to sit back and enjoy all the things in life that bring you a sense of calm, relaxation, and joy!

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