Diary: Final Fantasy & #LittleButLoved

My diary entries have gotten more sporadic, but I like that. I like that some days I might do several pages and some days I might do none. Doing one page every day was fun too, but it's nice to have that extra flexibility. Sometimes it just means I can express myself a bit more accurately. And some days I just want to do more scribbly things.

It's been getting sunny all of a sudden. It's nice seeing the weather change over the months. The sky is always different. The trees are always moving, just a bit. I've been wanting to play various Final Fantasy games a lot lately. I guess it's because I recently started playing VI, and XV just came out too. I think it's almost time for me to replay VII as well. I never get tired of it.

Another recent thing is that there was a hashtag on Twitter a friend of mine made to celebrate/recommend/talk about small YouTubers, called #LittleButLoved, and it was so nice. It really reminded me of exactly why I make videos, and why I do silly things and shy away from proper structure. Because making videos should be about expression as much as anything else. Yes, there are conventions, and they're fun to play with whether earnestly or in more of a parody sense, but the best thing about it is making something your own. Doing something that's just you. I love that.

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