Why SHINee's 'Get The Treasure' Is The Greatest Thing Ever

SHINee recently dropped a new Japanese single and music video at the end of January and I am suitably impressed, enchanted, and beguiled by it. Here are the five key (heh) reasons I think it is the best thing to ever exist.

1. The glares to camera.

Lads, listen, I am happy to assist you in your chaotic time-stopping rescue. No need to stare at me like that. But you know what, actually, it's fine. All hail the hypno-Onew.

2. THAT rap and accompanying typography.

Well, "gorgeousのflavourをshare肢体" ("share your gorgeous flavour"?) is now my favourite half English, half Japanese lyric, and clearly graphic design is someone's passion here.

3. Key's eyepatch.

This is a strong look if I ever saw one. Also Key is just exceptional and great in this video in every possible way. Great work.

4. Lasers.

Imagine Entrapment, but with every member of SHINee playing the role of Catherine Zeta Jones' character. I'd watch that film. Several times. Every day.

5. You die at the end.

Seems like a good way to go. Thanks SHINee.


Here's the video in all its glory:

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