10 Things I've Learned From Dana Scully

I love The X-Files like a cat loves the sound of food packets being torn open, and in particular I adore the smart, sceptical, and composed yet compassionate wonder that is agent Dana Scully. We could probably all learn a lot from her, and I sure have. Here are some of the important lessons I have taken from agent Scully.

1. Mulder is a sweet, innocent muffin who needs to be protected.

2. Computers are very easy to use and there are never any problems.

3. It's absolutely fine and no problem to continue investigating a place when you find some bloody scissors on the floor.

4. Newspapers can tell you some really useful things.

5. It's generally a good idea to look upon all people with confusion and distrust.

6. There are so many different ways to ask someone if they're okay. Try rolling your eyes at the same time to create a sense of nonchalance and calm.

7. Do not walk into the light. The light is probably bad.

8. The woods are totally relaxing and great and definitely not spooky.

9. The world is an endless source of beautiful and captivating art.

10. It's important and good to care about etymology.

Of course, there are many more useful bits of knowledge we can ascertain from our favourite Mulder-ignorer and medical doctor, but these are my most useful lessons for the moment.

Until later, remember to always make this face when an aloof federal agent is trying to explain his hunch about aliens to you:


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.