An Archive Of Anonymous Tumblr Messages

I decided to clear out my Tumblr messages, and in the process I want to share some that make me feel all kinds of ways. Some of them have been gathering digital dust for years, and some are not anonymous (sorry to deceive you with my misleading post title on that one), but all of them are special to me for one reason or another. I am so grateful for all the sweet, inspiring, and silly things people have sent to me, and I'm archiving some favourites here to spread some of that joy.

People say various things about my drawings, and I am endlessly glad that other people get some enjoyment out of something I love doing so much. I also get some comments about looking young and I find it pretty interesting how those kinds of perceptions of me exist and the way people phrase it when they talk to me about it. I can't objectively look at myself and say I look age _______, so it's something I find very peculiar and cool to think about. I do think I look my age, really (currently twenty four), but I can see that I look younger too.

These encouraging messages warmed my heart so much that I had to give it a cool tropical drink with a lot of ice cubes.

This message is in reference to this drawing of a skull in a jar.

I am so flattered to be told I look like/remind someone of Remus Lupin in any way. I love him.

More little pieces of encouragement. I love the bubbles in my tea, when they're there. I think noticing and focusing on little things like that makes my life so much happier and softer and sweeter.

Moth-based comments bring me a lot of joy. Every time I see a moth I'm like: "Oh look, my brother is visiting! Hello Tobias!"

ASMR or maybe the Shipping Forecast? I'd love to do the Shipping Forecast (if you have seen it, please take a moment to think about the relevant episode of Black Books).

These are all nice, and I like to get artistic suggestions. I do have a great photo I took of my boyfriend mid-sandwich once.

Many nice things and cute things and weird things and funny things.

This is the sweetest and loveliest.

So is this.

This too.

The message about Facebook was when I was asking people about their early usernames and email addresses and things like that. I've had a few different Facebook accounts (one where I pretended to be Rick Astley), and I find it really interesting talking to people about their internet history and stuff. The other messages hit on things that make me very happy - dimples, and the idea of myself as an old lady.

This message is in reference to one of my two 2013 mini albums, and the concept of my music sounding like Lord of the Rings is so cute and funny to me that every time I read this I can't help but smile.

Many thanks to all the uplifting, encouraging, and lovely people out there. ♡

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