3 Top Looks From 80s Music Videos

As the decade immediately preceding my birth, the 1980s holds a special place of mystery and speculation in my heart. It may not have had the 10 member boy bands and witchy TV shows of my childhood, but it did have a multitude of layered synths and oversized trouser suits, so here are a few of my favourite outfits from some choice music videos of the decade.

1. Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Jim looks so cute in the Don't You video. His hair has a light level of fluff and the light brown suit makes him look like a 16 year old with a career options mock interview to attend. That doesn't sound like a good look, but it is. He probably has toy cars in his pockets.

2. Kim Wilde - You Came

I love Kim Wilde. She seems like someone who I'd have a sneaky glass of mulled wine with on a train. Kim has a bit of a Hillary Banks look here - all pointy shoulders and tight trousers. The little jacket and crop top are pretty adorable and paired with the most high waisted trousers in the world she's probably still quite warm. A smart move. I'll tell you what though, this video involves a lot of twirling and jump cuts so it's hard to get a clear screenshot.

3. Nancy Wilson (Heart) - Never

Nancy looks pretty great in a sparkly, golden ringmaster blazer and some sort of amazing ruched top. She also has perfect rock star/human bush/Lucy from Twin Peaks hair. It's worth noting that her sister Ann has a great rock 'n' roll witch look in this video too (and many others). What I'm probably really here for though is the black skirt and tights combo that was perfectly executed by pretty much everyone in the 80s. It's kinda simple, but just right.

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