Happy Grey Kids

I found myself accidentally making a mini series in my 360 book across these four pages. I wanted to give life to some old paintings, so I cut them into pieces and reassembled them as backgrounds for some new drawings in grey felt tip. It can be so satisfying to reanimate old artwork. I have a lot of old art that I don't treat as sacred (even when I'm very fond of it) and lots of this goes on to become something new. I think this is a nice illustration of the way past experience shapes your life and future. I have been thinking about the future a lot lately as I'm approaching the end of university and the start of a scary new period of my life. I am trying to use this school year to analyse and improve myself as much as possible so that I am super prepared and ready for my new, post-grad life next summer. I know that there is so much potential for great things in my future and that is reflected in these happy grey kids as they stand on top of all the beautiful colours and textures of my old work. Their landscapes are my ever-evolving philosophies, strengths, and abilities - which I continue to build on every day.


  1. LOL! That is cute, I like it!


  2. wow, that looks really cool :)

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