"I wish I could say beautiful words but I can't"

This is a photo I took in Parliament Square at the student protest on Thursday 9th December 2010. I'm making this post in an effort to make it more easily sourced, as I've seen it on Tumblr and We Heart It with no link to me, and it's really sad to be totally removed from something you made, as if you don't matter.

If you do wish to have the picture on your Tumblr, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could reblog it from this post which I made shortly after getting the film developed.

I don't want this picture to be separated from me. It means something to me and it is an image from my experience. I understand that sources can be hard to find and this post is an effort to rectify that.

My name is Lil Ashton, and online (as well as musically) I go by mothcub. So please, know who I am in relation to this photo. Because the photo means something as a part of me, as well as just as a photo.

doing a thing with a liquid

Took some photos on my phone and printed them out and poured water all over them. I guess it takes a unique moment and creates another unique moment on top of it. The bleeding away of colour and definition lends itself to many philosophical notions about life. I guess.

I liked the undersides of the print-outs, so I included them too.

I feel soft n happy.