Blossom At Sunset

I went for a nice walk around sunset one day last week, and I took these pictures of some of the flowers I found. I love this time of year when all the blossom is out here. All these trees adorned with cute little flower outfits. It's so nice.

Sunset is obviously a really good time to go for a walk and look at how nice the sky is as its changing, but every time I see it happening it feels as if it's the first time I've seen it. It never loses its perfect, serene feeling.

I'll have to make a pact with myself to make sure I'm outside to see more sunsets. They're the best.

Strawberry Milk & Cat Ears: More Cute SNOW Gifs

I can't resist making more and more of these, so please enjoy numerous specific and tiny movements of my face. Plus cartoon cat ears. Just because.


Sometimes I get all ready to make some cool collages, sit down with a magazine to chop up, and quickly realise I don't have much usable material. This was one of those times. The only things I found and liked in this magazine were this one black and white portrait, and the word "the". So I decided to use my own face as the only other sensible collage material.


Friendly Stars

Have you ever wanted the glowing, faraway bodies in outer space to personally support and congratulate you? Have you ever wanted a little insight into their thoughts and their cute little noses (which they definitely have)? If so, you're in luck, because I have gathered some stars to say hello. We're having a tea party later. It'll be great.

5 Games I've Been Enjoying Lately

Here's a list of games I've been playing recently - from complex and magical world-saving, to disco-based combat, to aimless night-time wandering, because games can do anything. Isn't that nice? I love that. Well, let's get on with it then.

1. Final Fantasy VI

I've played most of the long list of games that make up the Final Fantasy franchise by now, but I'm currently working my way through Final Fantasy VI for the first time. It's been a pretty strange, involved, and very funny experience so far. I am ready for as many opera house antics and burrowing castles as possible. Also, the phantom train is amazing.

2. Heaven Forest NIGHTS

This is a strange game where you can walk around and collect a lot of apples, and there's a huge Buddha statue in a swamp. I don't know why I've been playing this one (except for the apple-collecting achievements), but it's earned a strange place in my heart.

3. AdVenture Capitalist

This is a clicker game where you make lots of money and can travel to Mars. It's pretty fun.

4. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Have you ever wanted to go clubbing and fight a dragon at the same time? Well, that's sort of what this game is like. It's good. I absolutely love the art style as well.

5. The Stanley Parable

I refuse to explain this game, but it makes some excellent use of pie charts. I'm not sure what else you would want from a game.

Reminiscing: 5 Nice Memories

It's a lot of fun to look back on old, hazy memories, old pictures and posts that evoke a certain kind of feeling or that give me a little bit of wistful gratefulness for some partially forgotten moment. I thought it would be fun to go through some old stuff and highlight some nice moments from the past, just to remind myself that nice little things will keep happening all the time. It's good to remember.

Without further ado, here is a compilation of strange digital artefacts wrestled from a sinking ship (okay, not really).

1. This pencil drawing from December 2014.

Featuring a cute polar bear and a pair of brogues I used to have (and love), this is just so representative of me whilst also being a bit of an unusual and unique drawing. It makes me feel sort of cosy.

2. This picture of a distorted Grave of the Fireflies DVD menu.

This was from when I tried to watch it on a very old TV and had some issues with the SCART cable not fully connecting. It did a weird strobing thing and I thought it looked cool and spooky.

3. That time I got some excellent gifts.

This was in January 2014, when a kind family member sent me the greatest assortment of delights ever seen on Earth. I have never fully recovered.

4. This flawless drawing.

I drew this in August 2015, and quite frankly I don't know why I ever bothered drawing anything after that, because this is clearly the best.

5. This pure and wholesome video about pigeons.

Lastly, I present possibly the most necessary bit of content I will ever produce. A nice pigeon video from February 2016. This was a very good idea that I will stand by forever.

Actually, maybe I should make some more happy bird videos like this. There we go, I've been inspired by past memories in just the way I'd hoped. Please send multiple birds directly to my bedroom window if you happen to know any personally.

Scanner Adventures: Owls & Daylight

Important and secret owl-based plotting is going on here. Look away.

Lots of daylight leeched into these scans, which is unusual because I'm usually operating only in the deepest darkness, inside a fairy ring and covered in moss. As you'd expect.

Still, sometimes it's nice to emerge from my cave of mystery and into a sun-bleached landscape. Of course, I've also brought my owl. My personal advisor who is here to make sure all of my operations (mostly me retrieving snacks) run smoothly.

Also, it's been a while since I did stretchy scans, so here's me with creepy long fingers (incidentally, that's also my stage name).

All bright lights and spindly appendages.