A Scanner Adventures Music Video

A week ago I spent two days making over 300 scans to construct a stop motion music video for my band. After all the scans were made I had aching leg muscles from the strain of standing and bending slightly to get into the right positions, and my scanner's glass was pretty greasy and home to a thriving family of fingerprints.

Here is the finished video:

And here is a selection of some of the scans used:

Outfit: Big Rilakkuma Bag & Red Jersey Shorts

bag & socks - eBay
(pyjama) top - Tesco
shorts & jelly shoes - Primark
lipstick - Seventeen Stay Pout in colour "Make An Entrance"

I am breaking out the big bag(s) here with my beautiful Rilakkuma face. It is very large and cuddly. I could probably fit the kitchen sink in there. Actually no, the kitchen sink is definitely a bit bigger. Still, it's large enough to hold a lot of things for sure, and it is very comforting to carry around a great big bear head that you can hug at any time. There are so many pros to this bag.

I got some new shorts recently. They are the perfect loose gym type shorts and they remind me of P.E. at school (but not too much). I liked them so much I got them in two colours - this bright red and a nice navy as well. I thought a bright, orange-toned red lipstick would go very nicely with these shorts. Y'know, coordinate with some red detail.

I am wearing my Moomin pyjama top because it is a very cute and breezy top which I have no desire to confine to sleeping areas only. I am also wearing some brand new and wonderfully nostalgic jelly shoes paired with stripy Totoro trainer socks. These socks really demand to be seen, so I'm glad I now have some partially transparent shoes to wear them with!

Tokyo Otaku Mode Wishlist

Once again I have found a super cute, adorable web shop. This one is hosted straight out of Tokyo and offers all sorts of cute Japanese goods including a great selection of San-X merchandise (because yes, I do want Rilakkuma everything). If you do plan on purchasing anything from Tokyo Otaku Mode, you can sign up via my referral link to get a $5 coupon (and I'll get one too if you make a purchase).

I've compiled a list of some of my favourite items available in the shop, so here they are:

1. A Basketful of Lemons Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set - $2.69 (about £1.70)

There are quite a few cute letter sets and stationary items available, but something about this fruity number caught my eye. I love the bright yellow and soft blue colour combo, and I guess it just feels so springy/summery and lovely.

2. Mr. Animal Lipstick Pouch - $6.29 (about £4)

I really like mini pouches because they help to keep me organised, and I think one specifically for lipstick or lip balm is a great idea because that is something that often gets lost in my bag. This pouch comes in two designs: the parakeet above and a black cat.

3. Love Berry Baby Alpacasso Plushies - $4.99 (about £3.20)

There are like a million Alpacasso plushies to choose from, but I like these mini ones because their apparent love for strawberries is something that resonates deep within my soul (even though I am more of a raspberry lover, personally).

4. Koko Sasu Paws - $3.89 (about £2.50)

Write on a cat's paw. Just do it.

5. Rilakkuma Smartphone Cushion - $12.99 (about £8.30)

These are both sweet and practical! I use my phone to watch things on BBC iPlayer, so I would very much like for a little bear to hold it up for me.

6. Mofutans Stickers - $1.89 (about £1.20)

Floppy bunny stickers are bound to make everything a little better. My favourite sticker is that one on the left with one bunny trying to eat the other bunny's face. I can relate to that.

7. Fake Thigh-High Bear Tights - $7.99 (about £5)

I've seen a lot of tights in a similar style to these, but these are some of the cutest I've seen so far and I absolutely 100% want my legs to be bears right now.

8. Kiiroitori Ippai Ballpoint Pen - $4.99 (about £3.20)

Rilakkuma's duck friend is hanging out on this pen and it is the best. What a squishy, sleepy little duck. I want to collect some cute pens like this to make my journal-writing experience that bit more fun.

9. Latte Kitten Coffee Straps - $2.70 (about £1.70)

This feels like a bit of a fraudulent addition because I don't like coffee, but look at these coffee kittens! This is such a nice concept. Hot drinks and cats are two of the greatest things in the world (although in my case the hot drink will usually be tea).

10. Sumikko Gurashi House Towel w/ Pocket - $6.49 (about £4)

My final item is this towel pouch. It seems like quite a handy little thing, perhaps for putting a few toiletries in, and the towel material means it could be useful for an unexpected spillage or for drying your hands. It comes in either blue or pink, and I slightly prefer the pink option.

Pictures As Possessions

My latest Kids Doodle drawing ~ ♡

I think if I had to give up all possessions (excepting stuff like house keys and clothes) and choose a main thing to keep, I'd choose pictures. Or I guess, the devices that make and store them. Obviously I would choose my computer as a main thing to keep regardless, because it's the thing that I use to do everything, but let's just pretend that isn't part of the equation here.

Now that we are living in a digital dreamland of course, photographs take up little physical space. They are so quick to make, but the density of what they document is big and huge and amazing. Each picture is unique and can hold so much in terms of emotional response and personal memory. Camera rolls become scrapbooks and memory boxes and scrolling through photos is like, wow, look at all these things in the world, look at all the moments in the world, my world. And that's it - they are my own little world, scrollable and evocative of a million different precise feelings and memories. It's like having a battered suitcase with an old rag doll rabbit inside and shells from a beach trip and a special necklace, but instead you have these flat and versatile images.

I love pictures. I love 'em so much. I love that I can carry thousands with me in a tiny space if I want to. I love the power they have to bring me back to certain feelings. Pictures are my favourite.

Feeling pleasant and serene in the bathroom.

It's the lightest place with the biggest mirror.

My friend.

Testing my lipstick.

It matches my wall.

An evening close-up.

My incredible tattoo.

Diplodocus, mantis, witch.

Diary: Creativity & Coffee Cake

I started writing a little bit more messily in my diary this week and it felt really good to do so and not worry about how much the pens were going to bleed through to the other side or anything. For a diary or journal I think the messy look is the best (not that this is really all that messy). I like to see cracked spines and dog eared pages and all of those signs of use. They add extra character to something this personal.

I have been feeling so creative lately and I've been looking through journals and digital art and blogs and stuff and it's just great how much stuff there is out there and how much there is for me to do! Sometimes I feel like I have a million times more possessions in my head than I do in real space. Like if there was a way to quantify it, the stuff in my head would take up so much more room, sprawling out like the Louvre or something.

Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #7: Acquiring Key Skills & Teeth

We are in the lovely pink and blue safari city of Fuchsia, and we are being stared at by a sea creature.

It's time to take on the next Pokémon gym! Pikachu is well rested and ready to punch a bloke's face in.

This gym has invisible walls, but y'know, invisible walls that you can see. The theme here is poisonous Pokémon, so you have to knock 'em out quickly.

Koga, the gym leader, loves lunging. He trips over and makes the fight really easy for us that way.

Fuchsia City has an interesting attraction - the safari zone. After being all poisoned and what-not during that gym battle, I think it's only fair to have a bit of safari fun.

The safari zone warden lives here too, and it appears he's lost his teeth. He waggles his gums furiously for a bit, but I've no idea what he's trying to say. Probably that Niall is his favourite member of One Direction.

The safari zone is in the Northern part of the city, but before we check it out, I have a little errand to attend to.

Since we came to Fuchsia City from the East, we missed out the cycle path to the West, so we're gonna head back up to Celadon City. This means riding up a hill, but it's okay, I have very tough thighs.

Once we get to Celadon City, we find another Snorlax snoring in the road. I have to catch this one.

After some strong electrocution, this Snorlax is encapsulated in a small ball, where it can snooze to its heart's content.

Just up behind the cycle path and the path the Snorlax was snoozing on, we find a hidden house.

I don't have any theories for why this person is hiding out here, but for HM02 (which teaches Pokémon how to fly) I'm happy to keep my mouth shut.

After that little interlude, we can get to what I came back to Celadon City for - a leaf stone.

My angsty teen Gloom now gets to evolve into a much happier plant with big, healthy petals. You did good, kid.

Now we ride back down to Fuschia City, but not before being hassled by some rude bikers.

There's not much to say about the safari zone, as we're mostly pootling about in tall grass, but I did catch myself a bunch of eggs with eyes, so there's that.

I also found a sparkling set of false teeth.

I reached a shack somewhere in the centre of the safari zone, and it turns out I'm the first person to find it. My prize is a hidden machine that will help teach my Pokémon to swim.

Heads up Bert, we're heading to the flumes!

The gold teeth belong to the warden, so I gave them back to him. It turns out his favourite member of One Direction is actually Louis Tomlinson.

He gives me yet another hidden machine (bonding with strangers about One Direction will get you everywhere). This one teaches my Pokémon strength, allowing them to move heavy boulders and such.

Now that we are able to swim, I say it's time to head out into the sea and get salty!

It's a good time for recently evolved Odd to get in some fighting practice. Sap that fish good, son!

I found a gang of nerds in the sea.

And then suddenly in the middle of the sea we find this.

Pikachu is claiming this as our private island. He is sunbathing now.