Animal Crossing Journal #1

I haven't been mayor of Boy (my town) for an entire month yet, but the town is coming along nicely, and I've got lots of friendly neighbours and odd furniture. I've heard a few people talking about the therapeutic qualities of Animal Crossing New Leaf and I can definitely see what they mean. It's such a soothing game. You're always doing small things (rearranging pieces of furniture, watering flowers, or just chatting with a neighbour), but the game creates a real sense of routine and community that can be more elusive in real life. 

Improving your town and seeing the villagers happy is so satisfying, as is repaying your loans  and donating creatures and fossils to the museum. Blathers the owl's level of enthusiasm for your museum contributions is touching (and it doesn't help that he reminds me of my boyfriend, who is nicknamed 'Owls' and works in a museum).

Here is a picture journal of some of the fun things that have been happening in Boy since I became mayor near the end of September. There's some QR codes in here too.

On my very first day in town, I won the bug contest. Now I smugly display this trophy next to my record player.

Waiting for the salon to open, I've been unable to change my hair for a while, but I can change my hat. I think the frogs in town are a little unnerved when I talk to them in this.

I decided to start planting white roses all around my house. Some purple ones have grown nearby too!

I visited another town during Oban festivities and was given a cucumber horse. A really special gift. I also got a star bopper. Feeling very celestial.

Tending to a flower garden under the real stars.

A deep-voiced, large-eyebrowed hamster arrived in town and invited me over. His name is Hamphrey. Also, I'm wearing lemon slices on my face. I make the fashion rules here.

Another new arrival. This is Mac, the muscular dog.

Mysterious floating presents ease the pain of my bee stung face.

My artistic ability begins to shine as I draw a beautiful Totoro surrounded by stars.

My house takes a turn for the colourful. I've also found myself collecting quite a bit of children's furniture.

In front of the town hall (and snazzy town flag), ready to catch some bugs.

The Able sisters have been lovely to me, so I decided to draw a cute portrait of Mabel.

My garden is getting bigger every day, and now I've lined the entrance to my house with purple roses.

Me and Mac hanging out in the rosebushes.

I made a dress based on an outfit my cousin had when she was little.

Hamphrey accompanies me on a night time stroll.

Me and Mac loitering in the roses between our houses.

Standing outside the newly built campsite. I decided to plant some tulips here. Also I'm a baby, as evidenced by the dummy in my mouth.

Gwen and I relax on the beach.

Pompom is confused by some dandelions, whilst I am dressed half like a grape, half like a member of U2.

Pompom and Agnes are super cute, don't think I'm not noticing your cuteness!

Not sure about this look.

Mac and I bond over our hopes and dreams.

I love Mac's decor.

My house gets more cluttered as I pretend to be a duck.

Mac eyes my watering can with suspicion. Yes Mac, you got me, it's full of vodka.

I love Hamphrey.

I love Mac.

Hamphrey comes over and finds it all a bit overwhelming. Yes, there's a rocket on top of a big lemon.

Hamphrey admires my cucumber horse.

Blathers looks at me with deep affection (I'm assuming).


I know I keep talking about how it's gotten colder and darker as the snowy underworld takes it rightful throne in Britain once again, but it is kinda exciting and all-consuming, so, you know. This post is a very important fashion post all about my usual comfy uniform in the colder months.

This fuzzy jumper is the gem of autumn/winter clothing for me because it's thick and cosy and light and cute all at the same time. Everyone's a mass of dark colours at cold times of year, so I feel really uplifted by wearing soft, light colours and brightening up dim days.

I wear leggings a lot during this time as well, because they're tight and flexible and warm without being bulky or overly wintry. This is good for when I'm tired of trousers or tights. Or legs.

Loving Yourself From Every Angle

I took these pictures (whilst trying on coats in a River Island fitting room) to compare my profile from either side, and to look at the back of my head (always weird). I can look pretty different from different sides and angles, and I wanted to talk about this because it's a source of stress for a lot of people, but it doesn't have to be.

When I'm in a fitting room I get to see myself from several directions. It's as close to looking at myself from a different body as I can get (I haven't quite pinned down the art of telepathic possession just yet). This is amazing, because I can look at myself and see that no one could possibly see my supposed flaws without seeing some of my favourite things about myself at the same time.

I find it helpful to think of every little thing about me as part of one whole, each piece inseparable from my full physical self. Picking out one thing about your body that bothers you is like scrutinising a thimble of water from a river. We're landscapes. Moving worlds with climates and seasons and atmospheres and tectonic plates. Does it bother you if Mars is bigger on one side, or if Venus isn't the same colour all over? We're our own beautiful planets.

Fitting Room Focus: Coats!

Since it's the kind of weather that keeps me practically glued to a kettle, I thought I'd explore River Island's stock of winter coats. They had a nice little selection in thicker and thinner variations. Basically, please let me nap in a pile of coats like a cat. Thanks.

Here's the outfit I came into the fitting room with. You won't see it again, because the coats do a great job of covering it up. This skirt is one of the greatest and warmest pieces of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment, and my good old strawberry tee is great for remembering that colour has not stopped existing just because it's cold.

coat - £??? (it didn't have a tag)
First up here's a simple grey coat. Reasonably fluffy and reasonably thick, I feel very cosy in this. The pockets are nice and roomy, and the big, soft-edged lapels make perfect use of the bulk of the coat. A+

fashion pose

coat - £40
The next coat I tried was this lighter, thinner one in a nice dark green. I like the length (not too long for a short person like me) and it's nice to have a bit of rich colour buried in all the darkness of a typical winter coat.

coat - £80
This third coat was actually pretty similar to the light grey one I tried on first, with a similar heaviness and texture, but the grid pattern caught my eye - something a little different for those who are concerned they might look like they're off to Sephiroth's reunion during the colder months.

My favourite coat is either the light grey or the dark green one, but since they bother serve different purposes (the grey coat is more heavy duty) I'm sticking to both. All in all some very cute coats.