Outfit: Cosy Knit Post Box

Ed and I were taking some band photos recently alongside his new mantelpiece (whilst we guzzled tea and played with a toilet-roll destroying Dachshund), and I thought I'd take the opportunity to use a nice new background for outfit shots. I had meant to take some earlier in the day at home, but didn't end up having time to do so, so it was nice to get the chance to later on.

jumper - New Look
shirt - gifted
skirt & tights - H&M

This look is very similar to my 'red skirt & white thigh highs' look, but a little more practical with white tights instead of thigh high socks, and my comfy cream knit added for extra warmth and cosiness. The skirt is such a bright red that it does make me feel like I'm dressed up as a post box or flower (or some kind of terrifying hybrid). The white tights are similarly bright and are good for when you want to feel like a little girl or ghost. They're very stark, and I like that flat, one colour look on my legs, but there's something a little different about having them white instead of something like the red of my skirt or a mustard yellow (I'm coveting mustard yellow and lilac tights right now - I need my legs to be all the colours).

Animal Crossing Journal #16: The White House

Check out my house's amazing new look! I've been doing a lot of renovating lately, both with my house exterior and the town itself. I'm keeping the original door for now, because I think it might be my favourite (I like the circular window panel).

Toto has decorated a little and here he is bonding with Alfonso. Sometimes I really wish you could have villagers move in together (or with you). I wish you could have more villagers in general as well. I love all of these animals so much!

My house with its original exterior.

Elliot and I went to the tropical island together. I can't believe Kapp'n doesn't sing when you go with someone else!

He callously walked past and left me to die in this hole.

Here we are getting really excited about being trapped in a small area by a series of boulders.

He loves to display his butterflies to me and I'm like "yes dear".

I've been on a bit of a project-building spree lately and Boy now has a new sign, water pump, and metal bench, as well as this delightful instrument shelter! I'm hoping to revamp our bridges sometime soon too.

Gwen and I obviously both love napping in public.

Why are a hamster and an octopus gossiping outside my house?

Beach shenanigans.

Boy Dream Address: 6300-5269-2189

Band Practice

Me and Ed standing in front of a mirror. He is looking at the ground and I am smiling.

Over the Easter weekend Ed and I got together to record some stuff and take a few pictures - and of course keep our mascot Floyd entertained with such exciting delights as toilet roll, socks, and small pieces of cheese. We have some new songs up - a cover of Rita Ora's R.I.P. and our own frenetic dance number: Dancing On The Outside. My favourite song of ours at the moment, however, has to be Dominoes (Pop Mix). It's a catchy ode to self determination.

You can also check out my vlog of our dachshund-focused hangout here.

A second photo of the two of us in front of the mirror. Ed is looking longingly into the mirror and I am looking blankly at the camera. There are bird and pineapple ornaments between us.

Art Things: Ideas & To-Do List

I really wanna make myself try a lot of things and build up a collection of experiments so I am going to write myself a big, loose list here of things to do, ideas, etc. I've got a bunch of drawings and things on my wall looking at me and reminding me of all the different avenues I can explore and all the different colours and textures and materials I can use, so I think having a display like this is really useful for instigating ideas and actions. Something about just seeing this stuff around me makes me want to make things.

  • markers on plastic bags (they glide so nicely)
  • tin foil and tissue collages, and how pens bleed into tissue
  • try some bigger paintings
  • magazines and newspapers
  • tape and rough edges and wonky lines
Shape & Form/Subject:
  • traditional anatomical details
  • attempts at warping and distorting anatomical details
  • visions and magic
  • folding and ripping and sticking
  • bulky pieces, stuff coming out from compositions
I love looking at art experimentation on Pinterest, and particularly at a-level and GCSE art ideas because there are so many cool things there. Lots of focus on expanding your formal knowledge. I really want to try some of the stuff I'm seeing here and I want to go back to basics and try really simple ideas with materials and compositions like I did at college. Things like drawing with sticks and potato prints and forcing myself to use different sizes and materials. Yep!

Outfit: Bart Simpson Tee & Shorts

top & shorts: Primark
shoes & socks: H&M
bag & bracelet: Gifted
earrings: Charlie's Rock Shop (but these were gifted too)

Is it shorts weather yet? This Bart Simpson t-shirt is one of my favourite and most playful items. Bart was pretty much my idol when I was ten. I tried skateboarding at around age fourteen, but I stopped after the first time I fell over and hurt myself. Still, Bart's delinquency was inspiring to me as a (not really very delinquent) class clown type. The socks might be a bit much here, but I like to combine a lot of textures when wearing black. I love the little sequin bag, given to me by my mum. It makes me feel like a kid going to a party. When I was little I had a round red beg with white polka dots. It was small because I was small, and it was the best thing ever. I kinda miss it.

I'm happy my hair is just about long enough to put in a plait like this. I can do French plaits, but I want to work on being able to do one that goes down the back of my head, as at the moment I can only do it at the front/side of my head. Plaits are amazing, but logistically confusing. I also wore my darkest lipstick (Barry M in shade number 160) which makes me feel very bold and like the queen of blackberries.

Special mention also goes to my colourful bead bracelet. It's the first thing my boyfriend ever gave to me, and it was made in the pattern of a moth's DNA sequence. The beads don't match up any more because it broke once and they weren't put back in all the right places. It's still perfect anyway, whether in the right sequence or not.



Okay, I get this feeling a lot, but I feel like this week has been really busy and dense and quick. I feel like I have been suddenly lifted into a calm, quiet, and gently sunny place. I'm not sure what that's about. I guess I've just been a bit absent minded or something. I spend a lot of time working and editing and coming up with ideas and things like that, but I guess I do a lot of that in a bit of a trance.

On Wednesday I watched an extreme weight loss documentary on YouTube whilst working on various things. It's not usually the sort of thing I'd watch, but something about this one felt quite well handled and interesting. For some reason it seemed to help me concentrate on writing, which is weird because obviously I was listening and writing at the same time - not usually a great combo.

From having a pretty constant creative workflow I think it's become more evident to me that so much of creativity is about just producing and steaming ahead with stuff. It's how I learn. I do catch myself sometimes wondering if things I've done are good enough and if I should hold off and make something else instead, but I think a huge part of me making things and putting them online with this proficiency and confidence is that I accept that every drawing/post/video is not going to be my best. I think the openness I have to publishing less polished things is part of what makes me myself, in a creative sense. I love the unfinished, the rambling, the raw. It's every part of my artistic process and being, not just the best bits. I think that makes a bigger world for me.

I also made this drawing as a little representation of my blog. It's me with lots of love emanating from my face! :o) ♥ ♥ ♥

Style Details: Thumbelina

I take a lot of my style inspiration from cartoons, I suppose because cartoon characters get to be a bit more wacky than flesh and blood people. I always liked the 1994 movie Thumbelina for its particular brand of spooky, cutesy oddness, and because, y'know, the fairy prince is adorable (gotta love that triangular hairstyle).

There are so many interesting outfits in this film, but I've just screengrabbed a few cool ones. First of all there is this very Borrowers-esque bridal look Thumbelina has when she walks down the aisle to marry the mole (are you singing in your head yet?). The ruff is nice, and I like the use of the weird flower as her bouquet and the heavy make up. What I love most about this look is her hair. It's a cross between Pippi Longstocking and an abacus.

It's cute though, look at that little tuft of hair she has at the front. I love that.

Here she is in the same dress after escaping. Juaquamo is swooning. He has a really good hat.

I like her simple headband and puff sleeves after being reunited with the prince. Apparently fairies love snogging.

Thumbelina is very excited to grow wings. If someone proposes to you, you will immediately grow wings. Good to know.

The wings are very stylish though. I love the beads of light glistening as they move. Where can I get this installed?

Their wedding attire is pretty snazzy. Quite simple really, but I love the sheer and gently glittery details of the dress, as well as the scalloping along the hem. The crown she has is cute too, and notice she has a sweet little bouquet of flowers this time round.

Cornelius' parents are beautifully dressed in bright royal robes and their amazing flower crowns. I really love that detail. There seems to be quite a Tudor influence throughout the film, which is interesting (I mean, no codpieces, but y'know).  There's some more subtle sheer detailing on the queen's puff sleeves. Her lapels are oddly 60s sci-fi and pretty cool. This is a big flower cosplay, basically, which I'm all in favour of.

I'm gonna need to go hunt for the vale of the fairies now.